Season 12 designers (in order of my favorites): Dom, Kate, Bradon, Jeremy, Helen, Alexandria, Alexander, Justin, Sandro, Ken, Karen, Angela, Kahindo, Miranda, Sue, and Timothy
aren't you going to post season 13 things?? :(

I’ve been on vacation so I haven’t been able to access the new episodes, but once I can I promise I’ll be up and running ASAP!


So this wasn’t my favorite spinoff of Project Runway, but girl was there drama. Therefore I expect nothing less than drama from this reunion. Here are some of my liveblogging notes.

First of all, is it just me or did most of the male designers change their look completely? I didn’t even recognize Jeffery at first.

Second of all, Korto’s pregnancy was a serious shocker

Does Victor constantly carry around a fan? I can only assume so

But really Jeffery…he’s wearing sneakers for god’s sake and his beard is untrimmed. He looks like Allen from The Hangover and I’m genuinely concerned.