Season 12 designers (in order of my favorites): Dom, Kate, Bradon, Jeremy, Helen, Alexandria, Alexander, Justin, Sandro, Ken, Karen, Angela, Kahindo, Miranda, Sue, and Timothy

Now, onto the apple of Heidi’s eye, Alexandria.

As for showing her unconventional newspaper dress as her first look, that’s where Alexandria went wrong. It was such a wow piece that it should have been the final look. There was no transition from the wow first look to the rest of the collection that was a bit lackluster, and showing the wow look first only exemplified that.

Her second look was nothing special. She should have spent less on the quality on the fabrics and more on her design elements. This is very basic and the hat makes it look like a joke.

Again, another basic pant and tank top combo that I wouldn’t have showed at NYFW. I liked the print of the vest and how she actually used a print, but not the design of the vest itself.

The shorts weren’t bad but the top was very basic and that accessory seemed like an afterthought. Also another silly looking hat.

The next look was a little more chic than the others and I liked that it wasn’t the same exact monotone colors as the others. I wasn’t surprised at all that Alexandria did a drop crotch, so not a lot of innovation here.

I really just did not like this next look. I get that this is Alexandria’s aesthetic, but she’s claiming that her inspiration was punk rock and this was the farthest from it. The pants are a repeat design and the top was disproportionate.

Plain and basic. The most exciting part of this was the necklace.

No. The top looked like a couch cushion and the bottom was way too sheer and completely incoherent from the rest of the collection.The hat reminded me of a vagina.

I actually liked this grey jacket but the repeat pants and plain tshirt ruined it. Must I mention the ridiculous hat again?

I like the design of the final dress but the fabric looked unwearable, and the model just looked uncomfortable.Besides that, this was not a finale dress. After this showed you could literally see the entire audience including the judges stretching their necks to see if the finale dress was coming. Not a solid conclusion to a show, which is why the first dress should have been the last.

Overall my biggest problem with Alexandria’s collection was how expected it was (oh, and the newsboy caps which went out of style in the 90’s). I think the only reason she made it to NYFW was because Heidi overpraised her and because they made three designers compete for the last spot after already competing with two challenges, and they were making it up to them.