Season 12 designers (in order of my favorites): Dom, Kate, Bradon, Jeremy, Helen, Alexandria, Alexander, Justin, Sandro, Ken, Karen, Angela, Kahindo, Miranda, Sue, and Timothy

Winner winner chicken dinner. And the winner of season 12 is Dom! I’d say this was a pretty well deserved win consideration Dom’s strong work throughout the season. But let’s get to her NYFW collection.

Her first look wasn’t her best, but it set a precedent of what was to come. Retro, glamorous, and cool. Very mixed graphic, very Dom.

I think her second look was beautiful, and considering she had such an unforgiving fabric, her flatly execution really showed. Her plastic accessories really took this look to the next level.

The third dress is so chic. A very cool design with a very cool graphic, and it’s still coherent with the other pieces.

The plastic peplum was a nice incorporation in this satin gown, and tied together the previous satin jumpsuit well.

I think it was very innovative of Dom to make this print in color and in black and white. That’s what really set this look apart from a plain one-print gown, but also incorporated it into the entire collection.

I was not a big fan of putting a swimsuit in a collection, but as far as swim suits go, this one was pretty rad.The lines are graphic and striking and I would love to own this. The stunning part of this outfit though was that gorgeous cape. It was a real wow moment, even if you didn’t like the bathing suit.

I love how satin is showed in different colors throughout this collection, and I really like this gown despite how tortured the top of it looks. Although I don’t think that gown and that jacket go together, they make sense within the collection and tie in the gown a little more.

Really a cool jumpsuit. If another designer had tried to make a jumpsuit out of one print, the lining would have been off or the graphic would have hit the model’s crotch in an awkward way. This was just flawless.

Her Tide Washable look was nothing extraordinary, but it referenced her previous looks and stayed coherent.

The unconventional materials piece was stunning. It wasn’t a far stretch from her previous dresses, but the metal tied in every element from her collection.

The reason why Dom had the best collection on that runway and deserved the win was because she managed to show us exactly who her girl is, in an innovative and surprising way. Dom has a very strong point of view, but her collection really surprised me. Well done, Dom!

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